Navy Seal Danny Dietz- an American Hero

Navy Seal Danny Dietz is the best example of courage, will power and determination as he did not give up even in the face of great adversity. He never gave up on the things that he wanted to achieve and even while getting shot five times while fighting the army he did not give up. He had many broken bones and even after this he did not quit as he died while fighting for his country and was considered as an American hero who died with honor and pride. He was one of an integral part of the dedicated team fighting the Taliban and was fighting his enemies with great determination and pride.

Navy Seal Danny Dietz was working to make sure that the Al Qaeda team that has attacked the World trade center will not be trained again for planning another attack. He also ensured that the Taliban did not launch strikes in U.S as he was deployed as the four man SEAL Reconnaissance team for supporting the naval Special warfare for fighting the global war on terrorism. He along with the other team members secretly infiltrated into Hindu Kush mountains for tracking a high profile terrorist leader so that they cam ambush the Taliban Forces. While he was being attacked by his enemies he attempted to make calls to the rescue helicopters but it was also hit by rocked propelled grenade and also got crashed before it could save Dietz and his other team members. A foundation was formed after the death of Danny Dietz and it was named the Danny Dietz leadership and training foundation as it an organization that has been especially created for the betterment of the community as well as its youth. This is achieved by holding close the disciplines and values that has been modeled by Danny himself as the sole objective of the organization is to create a safe and positive environment that helps people to learn skills like leadership and teamwork so that they can work together for improving the community so that it can be a better place to live for its citizens. You can find additional information about this worthy cause at

Navy Seal Danny Dietz made sure to fight his enemies till his last breath so that he will fight for his country and will not let his enemy win. He was a brave heart who worked for the uplifting his community and the youth so that they can work for making sure that their country has a safe environment for them to live. But Danny has a foundation made after his death that worked for supporting the families of the SEAL when they died while fighting their enemies. The foundation also raised considerable amount of money for helping the youths for training and mentoring them so that they can work for their community. The foundation provides family support services which include morale building activities and tragedy assistance for the youth who has died fighting for their country so that their families can get the required help. The foundation works continuously for helping and training the youth so that they can contribute to their community.